EUBOIA, Histiaia. 4th-3rd centuries BC. Æ 17mm (3.61 g, 12h). Wreathed head of the nymph Histiaia right / Bull standing right, head facing; grape bunches on vine in background; labrys before. BCD Euboia 445; SNG Copenhagen 510 var. (symbol on rev.); Laffaille 121 (this coin). (CNG 85, lot 465).

Missing the essential bull parts.  Dr. Sisci suggests it could be a woman-faced cow, and so a personification of Hera, “Βοώπις is the common epithet of Hera in Homer, and Βοώπις means ‘cow-faced’, or ‘cow-eyed’.









CIMMERIAN BOSPOROS, Pantikapaion. Circa 200-150 BC. Æ  15. Bull’s head facing / Grain ear and plow. MacDonald 140 var;  HGC 7, 142.

David MacDonald informed me that this variety is regularly over-struck on the Apollo/Bow-case and PAN variety.  Therefore, what we see as a nose and mouth on the “man-faced bull” is actually the AN in PAN, and the wrinkly neck of the “man-faced bull” is actually the remnants of a bow-case.








AE Methymna, 1.41g, 14mm.  Current owner believes it is a regular bull, and thus another “accidental” man-faced bull.


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